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Gorilla Fit is the New-Concept Egyptian App Making Fitness Accessible

The fitness gorilla himself, Hassan Gabr, is doing things a little differently with his new Gorilla Fit App.

hassan gabr

Already a popular figure among fitness fanatics online, Hassan Gabr and his brand, Gorilla Fit, will now be available on your phone via a brand new app. Along with Gorilla Fit CTO, Amr Saleh, the mobile training app puts a personal trainer, and the fitness community in general, right in your pocket.

Doing things differently to other fitness apps, Gorilla Fit users will receive training straight from Gabr through chatrooms housing groups of 20. Users can also receive  custom meal plans, workout plans, recipes and other tasks designed every single day. Aiming to cover all bases, whether that be weight loss or muscle gain, every detail of the service is personalised.

To keep you on track, Gorilla Fit monitors progress and discipline with a 75% compliance rate, meaning that if you’re underperforming you can expect to receive some tough love from Gabr himself to get you back on track. On the other hand, if you’re doing very well you get distinguished as one the top three performers. Beyond the details and features of the service, there’s one very important element of the app that Gabr is keen to highlight.

“When I started doing fitness, it was only accessible to a certain demographic that could access expensive gyms,” Gabr told CairoScene of a philosophy that has remained at the core of Gorilla Fit in all of its forms. “I started making it accessible when I started making Arabic videos and now I want to remove even more barriers. World class coaching and nutrition, right in your pocket, for an affordable price.”

Gorilla Fit launched a test phase this weekend completely free of charge for a period of two weeks. The app will then officially launch right in time for Ramadan with a special challenge focused on using little-or-no workout gear at all, considering many of us will be homebound. The app’s monthly subscription will be EGP300 and will  allow users to access all features. In the future, Gabr hopes to add an online store selling supplements and gear, while incorporating the insight of his wife and general partner-in-crime, Fayrouz Eid, on plant-based eating and detoxing, among other topics.

The Gorilla Fit app is available on iOS and Android.