Sunday May 28th, 2023
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Gouna to Host an All-Egyptian Moulin Rouge-Themed Blowout This Easter

Ever wondered what France's Moulin Rouge would look like if a group of Egyptian belly dancers took over? Sunday the 16th of April is your chance to find out.

Staff Writer

Egyptians love fusion, they love mixing things up - just look at the delicious chaos that is Koshary. And just like we've combined everything we like into Koshary, we also tend to do the same with our entertainment preferences, and we are not alone. On the 16th of April, Checkmate Events - who probably also share our deep-seeded love for Koshary - are introducing a new cabaret concept to El Gouna. Think Moulin Rouge a'la Cabaret El Leil - right on the waterfront of Mangroovy Beach. No Koshary will be served on the night.The party will include numerous surprises, a stellar lineup of Egypt's hottest and most prominent musicians and performers. From Ahmed Shiba to DJ Lyon Avakian, belly dancer Maya Maghraby to super star entertainer Pousy, Checkmate Events have got your French-burlesque/Egyptian-cabaret combo requests covered, with luxury being the name of the game in every single detail.

The Red Sea is going to light up from all the glitz and glamour, as in they will literally place lights under the goddamn ocean - it's kind of a light show for the fishes, but you too will be impressed. Nothing will be spared. From what we heard so far, you will not be able to recognise Magroovy's beach; it will be transformed into a living, breathing Egyptian style Moulin Rouge, complete with lavish deco, and a fully trained staff to cater to your every whim - can you say bottle service? And knowing how Egyptians drink, Checkmate have also teamed up with Uber to offer you free rides through El Gouna's Uber Tuk-Tuk - promo code available when you reserve. Basically this event is not your average Easter Gouna shindig - you know, the seasonal tourist traps - this is going to be for all you real folks out there, the ones that don't need a European DJ playing the same track over and over again all night to have fun. It's for the ones that would rather get down to songs you can sing along to. If you relate to that then throw on some Ahmed Shiba, and hope to God 'El zahr yel3ab' when you call Checkmate Events' reservation line - spots are going to be limited.

To reserve your spots call 01274550100 - 01274550200 - 01274550300, and visit Checkmates' event page on Facebook for more info.

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