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Graffiti Knows What's App

The Four Seasons Nile Plaza's Nile-side club, Graffiti, is making nightlife a whole lot easier with their new app...

It's 2014 and everyone who's anyone has an app – or at least any place that's worth its salt does. We all live on our phones now and these nifty little things make our lives a whole lot easier. So, Graffiti, the nice people that they are, wanted to make the lives of all their party-going people more pleasant and created their very own app (which works on iPhone AND Android, woo!). You can view their menu on it (which looks pretty damn delicious – we just took a browse through the photos and there's nothing we want more than their Smoked Salmon with Ginger and Light Soya right now), take a skim through a gallery of their photos (we are after all, a super voyeuristic society), and check out their schedule of events which is sooo much easier than calling or searching online to find out what's happening. As we all know, we're a lazy population but we love to party (somehow our laziness disappears there) so for all you lazy partyers, you can also reserve right from the app - et voila! - Graffiti has essentially made partying at their place that much easier.

Download the app here for Android and here for iPhone.