Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Grammy Winner Joss Stone is Coming to Cairo!

Just when you think your weekend plans are set, in comes brand new "drink & dine" establishment Mantis with a Grammy winner right here in Cairo.

Staff Writer

Out of nowhere, comes Mantis, the newest addition to the Cairo nightlife scene. And just like that, they announce that Cairenes are getting a gig by Grammy winner Joss freakin' Stone! The soul singer is staying true to her word of performing in every United Nations-registered country as part of her world tour. Now, it's Cairo's turn. And what better venue to match her soulfulness than one that's in the sky?  

For their opening brunch this Saturday, Mantis in Garden City's Cairo Capital Club is hosting a day of deliciousness with their carefully put together menu which will include fusion dishes and vodka cocktails infused with lavender and lemongrass. To sum up, this Saturday, you can be brunching with an amazing menu, seeing Joss Stone with spectacular, panoramic Nile views, while sipping luxurious drinks. 

Promising to host an array of events for all occasions (from after-work drinks to brunch), this beautifully designed venue with its kickass branding, is set to be every Cairene's Downtown dream come true. 

Follow Mantis here and get your tickets here before they run out.