Monday February 26th, 2024
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Grand Egyptian Museum to Host Tours for Trial Phase

The Grand Egyptian Museum, one of Egypt's most incredible contemporary ventures, is finally hosting visitors for its trial phase.

Cairo Scene

The Grand Egyptian Museum has announced that it will host a limited number of events and groups as part of a trial phase. These tours and events will take visitors to certain parts of the complex in order to test site readiness and visitor experience.

Visitors will be able to experience the Hanging Obelisk Square, the Grand Hall, the Children's Museum, the Immersive Hall, a number of the museum's outdoor spaces, as well as its retail, food and beverage outlets.

The Grand Hall features such treasures as the Statue of Ramesses II, the 10 Statues of Sensuret, the Sakkara Cannon, the victory column of Mr-N-Ptah and the statues of the Ptolemaic King and Queen.

All other interior spaces throughout the Grand Egyptian Museum, including main galleries and the two Tutankhamun galleries, will remain closed as the museum prepares for its full site opening.