Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Greater Than Babies

The growing epidemic of ridiculously well dressed celebrity babies is causing us serious frock-envy. With Suri Cruise topping the best-dressed list for tots, it’s surprising that more kids aren’t following her lead.

Staff Writer

We decided to delve a little deeper into the children’s style scene in Cairo and were sadly disappointed by the generic ensembles and low quality of items. That is until we stumbled across She by Sara Mesbah.

AUC Economics graduate Sara Mesbah has been busy creating “fashionable, distinctive and cute” clothing for the children of Egypt. Her trendy street wear brand has already gained a dedicated fan base of fashion-savvy mums. Pulling inspiration from vintage fabrics, Sara incorporates crochet, tulle, ribbons, and fur detailing into her designs. Every piece is unique and your baby never has to worry about showing up to the playground wearing the same Blues Clues jumper as that bitch in KG1 again!

Bear Knit Top by She By Sara Mesbah available on WWW.GREATERTHANFASHION.COM
Fashionista Jumper and Midnight Tutu both by She By Sara Mesbah available on WWW.GREATERTHANFASHION.COM
Check out the full collection of trendy and unbelievably cute kids’ clothes onWWW.GREATERTHANFASHION.COM