Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Groom-To-Be Accidentally Shoots Himself With Machine Gun

Tragedy struck when a groom-to-be accidentally shot himself with a machine gun he borrowed to fire in celebration at his wedding.

Staff Writer

Gunfire and weddings have long been an element of Egyptian culture. It is always mortifying to hear of the unfortunate accidents that come as a result of gunfire, or gun handling in general. Mahmoud was a 22-year-old groom-to-be, who unfortunately died at the hands of ill fate and recklessness.

Having borrowed a machine gun from a friend in Upper Egypt's Qena to use at his wedding, the soon-to-be groom decided to take advantage of the opportunity by arranging a photo session. It is extremely sad to report that Mahmoud accidently fatally shot himself in the chest while attempting to holster the gun. According to the CairoPost, authorities have stated that the gun was not stolen. Both Mahmoud's brother and a friend were present at the time of the accident, witnessing the tragedy take place.