Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Guess Why Marlboro Men Die?

A fifth Marlboro Man has died of smoking related disease leaving us scratching our heads as to why they kept hiring new ones...

Staff Writer

It shouldn't come as news that cigarettes are bad for you, in fact you can't even buy a pack these days without the box showing you the effects with the grossest image possible. It is for this reason that this news is not really news, but is in fact just further evidence about how harmful smoking is. This past week Marlboro has had the face reality when one of their 'Marlboro Men' Eric Lawson died of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, just one of many smoking related illness. This rugged cowboy lasted 72 years and was defiant till the end, smoking up to three packs a day even after his diagnoses, proving just how addictive cigarettes are. Facing his mortality, Lawson spent the past several years fiercely speaking out about the hazards of smoking for the American Cancer Society.

"He tried to speak to the kids, telling them don't start smoking," his wife, Susan Lawson, told The Associated Press. "He already knew cigarettes had a hold on him." Unfortunately, this story is a little bit of history repeating as sadly Lawson is not the lone Marlboro Man to die of smoking related illness. David Millar died of emphysema, while Wayne Mclaren, David Mclean, Dick Hammer all died of lung cancer.

If this isn't concrete evidence that smoking kills, then we don't what is. We suggest that, instead of putting images of crazy looking feet and disturbing tongues, they should use their former Marlboro Man pictures on the box with explanation of how they died. At the least it is recycling images they already have.