Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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Haifa Cheats on Astronaut With Wooden Beam in New Music Vid

In her first English-language song and what looks like a very expensive video, Haifa Wehbe is back with a sexy vengeance...

Staff Writer

Everyone’s favourite Lebanese songstress Haifa Wehbe has come out with a new music video for her single Breathing You In, presumably attempting to break into the western market. Directed by Tarik Freitekh, the video features her highest quality of production to date and her first English song, but is essentially an amalgamation of random pop culture references, generic Hip Hop dancing, the repetition of the words 'breathing you in' about 100 times (actually, it was 59 - we counted) and a lot of unnecessarily scantily-clad boob shots. The vocals could literally have been sung by anyone with auto-tune, the music is a typical cheesy early noughties dance track but like we said, there are a lot of scantily-clad boob shots.

The video kicks off with an astronaut fixing a satellite in space whilst a red-haired Haifa looks longingly outside of her barn shed window, inter-cut with flashbacks of her and who we’re assuming is the astronaut, topless, who gropes her tenderly. A wooden beam watches in silence from behind.

She then continues to dry hump the wooden beam in the barn. We suppose she’s got to bide her time until her man gets back from fixing the satellite in space.

Haifa then all of a sudden appears in the middle of the desert in a racy wedding dress backed up by a gang of black leather-clad gyrating Chippendale dancers. Standard.

Oh hello, Haifa’s in space now. How is space Haifa? Can you breathe in space? Thank you for your cosmic ballet moves.   

Haifa has done away with the wedding dress in place for a more fetching BDSM number readily available at your nearest Downtown lingerie store.

Britney Spears wants her Toxic dress back.

Haifa continues to cheat on her spaceman with the wooden beam.

And five other guys…

Before making her way to Coachella.

Watch the video in full below: