Thursday December 7th, 2023
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'The Haifa Wehbe Defense' Reduces Debauchery Charges For Egyptian Dancers

Originally sentenced to six months each, Egyptian performers Shakira and Bardis' lawyers used a Haifa Wehbe video clip as evidence resulting in reduced jail time.

Staff Writer

Two dancers who were sentenced to six months in prison for 'inciting debauchery' in a video clip have had their prayers answered after using a Haifa Wehbe video as evidence, resulting in a reduced sentence.

The two were charged for inciting debauchery over this video:

The reduced sentenced was issued by a the North Giza court on Sunday, who made the decision upon closely examining the evidence (a Haifa Wehbe video) over and over again. Instead of having to serve six months, dancers Shakira and Bardis will now only have to serve three months. After receiving the reduced sentences, the defendants returned to the Qanater prison.

The brilliant defense strategy was able to sway the court as the lawyer was able to make the case that works of art can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Presenting to the court Haifa Wehbe video clips seemed to be all the court needed to see, before realising that their sentencing may have been initially too harsh. When comparing the videos, it is clear that Shakira and Bardis video pales in comparison to the sexy ‘debauchery inciting’ Wehbe. Either way it isn't often that a Wehbe video helps people get out of jail, which leaves us to believe that perhaps this was Wehbe destiny's all along.