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Haifa in at 20-Phwoar

Lebanese bombshell Haifa Wehbe comes in as 24th most beautiful woman in the world, according to The Hollywood Buzz. But then again, nobody gives a damn what we think about Haifa...

Here at CairoScene we've always believed in turning the other cheek (except when we take it too far. See this.) so with that in mind...Lebanese hottie Haifa Wehbe, who previously claimed that 'nobody gives a damn' what we thought, has been crowned one of the most beautiful women in the world. The Hollywood Buzz survey ranked the sultry Lebanese songstress as the 24th most beautiful woman on the planet ahead of bootylicious Beyonce and all-round general hottie, Jessica Alba. Italian actress Monica Belucci topped the poll - but frankly, who cares?

Here are 8 reasons (well...imagine how long it would take for 24 pictures to load on an Egyptian connection?) we imagine Haifa ranked so highly: