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Haj Bags: Where Style Meets Practicality

Haj Bags is letting us have our cake and eat it too with their gorgeous yet practical bags.

We all know that an outfit is incomplete without the right accessories. You knew that, right? If not, you really need to keep up with our fashion scene. Regardless, bags are probably the epitome of style and practicality, but it's surprisingly difficult to find a bag that actually fits anything or can carry our [often useless] crap and doesn't look atrocious. Bags are a form of self-expression, so why can't we express ourselves with nice bags that can actually carry our crap? We're not crazy, you guys; Haj Bags gets what we're saying.

Haj Bags started as a project between three 16 year-old friends: Amira Blecua, Jannah Rizk, and Hana Faltas. “Since we're sixteen and still in school, none of us have studied fashion or had any experience in the fashion world, but we're definitely envisioning that in the near future," the girls tell us. "We are just hoping to grow as a brand and try to gain as much experience as we possibly can while having fun and being creative.” For a group of girls who've never dabbled in the world of fashion before, we're pretty impressed. 

Their brand's greatest asset is its integration of style and practicality; their design is perfect for a casual outing or for a chic event - it just depends on how you wear it. It's also perfect if you're going on a study date - you can prove to mama that you're going to study while still looking chic. These contemporary pieces are ideal if you’re looking for something simple, fashionable and eye-catching, as their signature style is guarantee to stand out. Now, normally when we find an accessory that's this awesome, no one wants to check the price tag. No one. But, don't worry, the ladies at Haj Bags are pretty considerate given that they're handing you quality, practicality, and style. This is more than just the typical brand; once you see their collection, you will be taken by its unique aesthetic. The design is a classy and creative blend of fashion, art, and design. Boldly coloured, Haj Bags are noticeable and distinct in design. “Our new collection will be out by the beginning if next year!" they gushed excitedly. "Expect some darker colours and interesting shapes!”

“We do not have a store because we are very preoccupied due to school, but we are hoping to display our bags in some boutiques or bazaars throughout the next year,” they explain. The brand has several gorgeous pieces that will leave you speechless and wanting more. If you’re an eccentric person that likes modern-cut, slick designs, they'll have you drooling.

You can visit their Instagram page here.