Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Halal or Not? Pokemon Go

Al Azhar has spoken out against Pokemon Go, warning against the new game that is sweeping the globe.

Staff Writer
According to Islam Memo, earlier today Al-Azhar publicly spoke out against Pokemon Go, the augmented-reality smartphone game which has more daily users than Twitter. According to the site, the religious authority warned against the new game, saying it was causing people to act like drunks in the street.
Deputy chief Abbas Shouman said “(the game) negatively influences the mind and harms the player or others without being aware of that.”  He also claims the game leads Muslims to neglect their prayers and "go anywhere and everywhere, disgracing mosques, going inside them with their shoes, just to search for Pokemon."
The religious official praised modern technology but warned against people becoming too obsessed with it. 
The game uses a smartphone's GPS maps and camera to “locate” and capture virtual relics of 90’s nostalgia. Not yet officially released in the MENA region, the game still has thousands of intrepid users wandering the streets (and the Pyramids), smartphone in hand, searching for Pokemon.