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There are Half a Million Discount Deals on Starting Today

70% off of electronics, clothes, appliances, and everything in-between, for's White Friday? We'll take it.

Not long ago, online shopping was considered by many Egyptians to be a luxury reserved for the white housewives of American suburbia. Mostly skeptical about the safety of online transactions and having the need to 'see it in real life' first, the Egyptian market remained a hard one to figure out for online marketers; the launch of the Dubai-based twelve years was the first stone to cause ripples in that still water. It wasn't long before's reliable, secure and efficient services won over a huge fanbase in Egypt, making long exhausting hours at your shopping mall a thing of the past. Because now you can get the exact same washing machine while sitting in your PJs in bed and eating leftover pizza. 

As they pioneered the field in the region, were also one of the first to bring Black Friday (aka shopaholics' wildest fantasy) to Egypt for the first time ever three years ago - except they coined it White Friday, and turned it into a three-day ordeal. This year, White Friday kicks off today for three days of mind-blowing discounts across a whole range of must-have products.

Samsung, Toshiba, Phillips, L'Oreal, and Nokia are just few of the names of the global brands joining in's staggering half-a-million discount deals until Saturday. The best part? You get instant notification for discounts or price changes on any items you've loaded on your shopping cart, which will reach up to 70% on everything anyone would ever need from phones, TVs, refrigerators, and cameras to clothes, perfumes, and even diapers. 

"We invested heavily in our operations by expanding our fulfilment centres, technology, resources and adding more pick up points for customers," says's General Manager, Omar Elsahy. "Customers are at the heart of our business, and this White Friday, they will find a wide product selection and hundreds of thousands of deals across all categories."

As if the above isn't enough,'s is delivering all orders worth over EGP 300 for free, with Visa-card orders taking a further 10 percent off of any purchase. Ready, set, SHOP.

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