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Can a Viral Video End Sexual Harassment?

VIDEO: HarassMap Calls on Civil Action Against Sexual Harassment

“Help her...not him,” concludes a powerful awareness video produced by HarassMap.

A girl on a quiet street describes the arduous task of walking the short distance from her house to the car. A man follows her closely using verbal harassment while getting way too near to her. This is a scene that is all too familiar to Egyptian women. But this video has a good ending. Though effective and inspiring, however, HarassMap's latest video remains confined to internet users. Despite recent laws that subject harassers to jail time, the issue remains prevalent on the streets with more action needed. Nevertheless, this powerful video is bound to stir some emotion and hopefully affect change.


التدخل بيعمل فرق كبير في المجتمعما تستكتوش واتدخلوا#المتحرش_مجرم

Posted by ‎HarassMap خريطة التحرش الجنسي‎ on Monday, June 8, 2015