Friday April 19th, 2024
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Harassment: Girls Blame Girls

In a follow up to the video that shocked Egypt, as boys described why the think girls deserve to be sexually harassed, Dignity Without Borders releases an even more worrying video, this time interviewing girls.

Staff Writer

Harassment: Girls Blame Girls

In the latest video set to shock, a group of school girls describe their daily harassment hell before blaming the problem on fellow victims. The three minute clip features young girls telling of their experiences while discussing what they believe are the reasons behind the epidemic. The results are shocking.

The disturbing video comes just days after anti-sexual harassment campaigner Zeinab Sabetreleased a similar clip featuring a group of young boys justifying the blight of harassment on Cairo streets.

The clip begins with girls describing their reaction to harrasment, with many of the young children branding it 'impolite' before describing the extent of the problem in their daily lives. However, the tone takes a worrying twist later in the clip when many of the young girls claim that in many cases the victims are to blame for the sickening practice.

One child places the blame on 'seductive walking' while another blames the epidemic on girls who dare to laugh in public. The video provides a shocking insight into the mindset: