Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Hash Money

The worst feeling in the world is suspecting you've been ripped off... on your hash. Thankfully there's a new website on the CairoScene that promises to help you figure out the right deal with your dealer...

Staff Writer

I wouldn’t consider myself a pothead or anything but I do find hash enhances experiences or gets you through otherwise dull experiences.

For example, before I hit the cinema I like to spark up a  couple of joints and, suddenly, what was once a semi-retarded film with a flat line plot about an inter-special love triangle involving a monotonous, indecisive bitch leading on a vampire AND a wolf,  becomes a majestic and enchanted tale of love, betrayal and regret, and I’m enraptured by the characters’ souls and internal struggles. Edward Cullen you are a beautiful man…

She doesn't deserve you Edward...
Ermmm, anyway, as we all know, everyone in Egypt smokes hash. Let’s not kid ourselves here; from taxi drivers to businessmen and bawabs to politicians, everyone’s at it. Fact. Another fact is that anyone who smokes up has countless conversations with fellow smokers in which each of them swear that the other is being ripped off by their dealer. In comes
Fucking genius! Simply type in Your Name Ya 3′ahy  El7 ashesh Bkam  &  Fe Anhi Mante2a thenDoos ya 7alawa! With in seconds, the information you’ve entered joins the ever growing database and the new website’s new Twitter account, keeping you up-to-date with average prices in different cities and towns across Egypt. This my friends is a winner. This is as revolutionary as Google, if not more useful.

Thank you, I now know that I AM being ripped off, and I shall swiftly find a new dealer. How much is the hash in your ‘hood?