Monday December 11th, 2023
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Egyptian Actor Hassan Hosny to be Honoured at This Year's Cairo International Film Festival

Having appeared in over 400 titles, the gifted actor is being awarded Cairo International Film Festival's most prestigious award this year.

Staff Writer

Prolific Egyptian actor Hassan Hosny will be granted the prestigious Faten Hamama Award at the 40th Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF), which will be running from the 20th to the 29th November.

In an official statement released by the festival’s management, Hosny will be given the award - named after late great actress Faten Hamama - at the opening ceremony of the CIFF. Considered one of CIFF's highest honours, the Faten Hamama Award was previously granted to comedian Samir Ghanem, actor Maged El Kelnay, and Tunisian actress Hend Sabry. The honorary award - funded by the late actress's family - is given to film figures to celebrate their contribution and enrichment of cinematographic art. 

Festival president, film producer and scenarist Mohamed Hefzy stated that Hosny is being granted the award as a show of appreciation for the numerous roles in Egyptian drama that he's been a part of throughout half a century, having appeared in over 400 titles. Hefzy further describes the actor as "one of the stars that has enriched Egyptian cinema with memorable films, in addition to supporting and mentoring young actors he worked with."

Having already won several awards both locally and within the Arab world, Hosny started off his career in the late 60s, initially taking on small roles until he worked his way up to more prominent ones. Showcasing his talents both onstage and on the silver screen, one of Hosny's break-out roles and a turning point in his career came with his brilliant performance in director Atef El-Tayeb's Sawa'a El-Otobees; which showcases the actor's versatile talents and his mastery of the role of a villain.  

The celebrated star has taken part in a variety of iconic movies, the most wellknown of which include Abood 3ala El-7odood, Africano, El Lemby and El Nazer among many others.

Main image taken from Sharkia Today.