Friday June 14th, 2024
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Have a Break, Have an Android

In an unexpected turn, Nestlé and Android are partnering up for the mobile giant's next software release, Android KitKat. Seriously.

Staff Writer

Have a Break, Have an Android

An unlikely sweet partnership has just been announced between two unlikely products. The next version of the Android software will be called the Android KitKat. You heard right: Nestlé has teamed up with the Android, who's got a chocolately makeover.

Android 4.4 will not only be named KitKat, but will also see the Android mascot made out of KitKat bars. It is quite the ingenious partnership as KitKat chocolates are distributed across the world and, to coincide with the software release, will have codes inside every bar that gives snackers the chance to win app credits and other Android gifts. We're guessing Android wouldn't mind if consumers mistakenly eat their phones and have to buy a new one.

There is still no official word about its release date, but check out the Google announcement here.