Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Hawidro: Afro-Egyptian Beats Celebrating Diversity

Combining Nubian and North African musical elements, Hawidro return to Cairo Jazz Club this Saturday...

Staff Writer

Hawidro: Afro-Egyptian Beats Celebrating Diversity

Cairo Jazz Club's love for musical exchanges of cultures will once again bring one of Cairo's favourite ensembles to the stage. Hawidro, the Egyptian-Nubian band which has blown away the Cairo Jazz Club crowd away every time they appeared, wow with their upbeat originals making everybody dance.

The Nubian word for return, "Hawidro" was chosen to name this mix of Egyptians and Nubians who were unable to limit themselves to a musical genre. Instead, they decided to mix all their influences to create a sound that returns to the roots of North African music with a personal twist. Lead singer Zizo, who inherited his uncle Mohamed Mounir's talent quite visibly, enchants the audience with his soulful voice and energetic presence.

Once again, Hawidro will portray their unique ability to make a diverse audience dance by abiding by no musical rules. Afro-Egyptian sound by Hawidro is a mix of soul and vigor and an ode to the diversity of the members who come together in their sound. For music lovers and cultural enthusiasts alike, this 17th January should be saved for Cairo Jazz Club's Saturday L'Orientale.