Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Healthcare Authority to Conduct Cervical Cancer Checkups

Hospitals belonging to the Healthcare Authority will be conducting cervical cancer checkups for the first time.

Staff Writer

It's estimated that an average of 969 women in Egypt are diagnosed with cervical cancer per year, with the disease claiming 631 of their lives. To curb these losses, the Healthcare Authority and the Egyptian Endoscopy Society will conduct cervical check-ups at hospitals associated with the Healthcare Authority.

The protocol is part of the newly implemented healthcare system, which places early detection as a huge pillar in successfully treating cancer. Cervical checkups, much like mammograms, are a crucial precautionary measure for women at risk of cancer, especially when they're older.

The checkups will follow the model used in the UK for cervical tumour checkups, but no other details as to when or how to checkups will be administered have been released as of yet.