Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Healthy Shisha?

Shisha smoking is part of Egyptian culture. Fact. It is also incredibly unhealthy. Fact. Hot on the tails of the e-cigarette trend, one Egyptian company has introduced e-Shisha to the market. Find out more...

Staff Writer

Everyone in Egypt loves shisha. No one in Egypt loves dying of lung cancer. Fact! According to CDC's Morbidity and Mortality reports, there are 34,000 tobacco-related deaths in Egypt every year, and a lot of those must be in part due to our shisha cafe culture. Whenever a new shop, restaurant or club opens up and then inevitbly closes down, it's a shisha cafe that takes its place and business is always booming. Well, experts, and by experts we mean we read some other article where they said experts, claim that one shisha sessions is like smoking 200 hundred cigarettes. Well, fret not you smokaholic, you! You no longer have to wait until after work to relax and slowly die! With these mobile electronic shishas we found online from a company called Ego-T, you can get your fix without fucking up your lungs. Armed with a melange of flavours from strawberry to menthol to coffee, vaping, as they call it, is a much healthier and more convenient way to smoke your favourite.

An EGO-T e-shisha with a charger and one 10 ML liquid flavour (0% nicotine) will cost you 395 LE and last you about 7-10 hours worth of smoking.

If you want to make an order you can message them directly on their fanpage.