Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Heard at Dash Beauty Con: A Guy in a Girls' World

When we decided to cover Egypt's first beauty conference, we thought it'd be hilarious to send the burliest and biggest guy on our team. Here's what he learned...

Staff Writer

So as part of my work, I go to events around the city; some of them are really cool, some are uhhm, not for me. So last week, I was sent to cover the Dash Beauty Conference which is basically a conference for beauty-fanatics, fashion designers, make-up artists and all those who don't just wear the first thing they see in the room on their way to work. I must admit, I learned quite some useful knowledge from Dash Beauty Con. As someone who's interested in maths, physics and technology, Dash Beauty Con dashed my knowledge and left me thirsty for more. Let's establish that I was there from 2PM till 11PM, alright?

"If there are blue circles underneath your eyes, use a yellow concealer."

Yes, people, there is a difference between blue and black circles underneath your eyes. I mean, they're not just circles! Enrich your observation skills and educate yourself. As a man, this shall help me greatly whenever I get stuck somewhere.

"I love modeling, I can't imagine my life without modeling."

It sure is hard growing up and this sentence left me empty inside wondering what I have done with my life so far. Like, seriously. How have I not been a model yet?

"Turns out I was allergic to make-up." *GASP*

Apparently not being able to wear make up is worth of a a molokeheya-style scream.

"You're beautiful but I think your method is wrong."

The art of back-handed compliments was perfected at the event. I've learned how to diss someone and have them accept it, smile and say thank you. 

"How does it feel like being a make-up artist?"

It is such a complicated question but wisdom must be taken. We must direct our treasury into funding more premium make-up products. It is science, it is salvation and on top of everything, it is definitely the answer to Egypt's economic situation. The true answer to that was...

"Being a make-up artist is difficult, you have to adapt to everything the universe tells you to."

Deep. I had ambitions to become a make-up artist but I don't think I have it in me to adapt to everything the universe tells me to. The fact that such a question can be answered with such literary craft scares me; make-up is too complicated for someone like me.

"Contouring is different from strobing."

*Gasp* Who could've guessed! 

Then, for the entertainment, two talented 15-year old girls danced to the beats of Beyonce in a very nice choreographed routine. The true gem here is the comments on our Instagram post of these girls. Behold playground bitchiness, elevated by Instagram. I really recommend you grab some popcorn and read all 70 comments.