Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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VIDEO: Thugs Torture Defenseless Calf on Cairo Street

A video showing a group of men repeatedly stabbing a small calf has sparked fury online.

Staff Writer

In the latest sickening display of cruelty to hit Egypt, a group of thugs have been filmed torturing a defenseless baby cow. The twisted video, which has gone viral online, shows a group of men beating the animal who was  imprisoned in a truck.

During the four minute ordeal the men stab and beat the calf as passersby are visibly horrified by the relentless abuse The abuse is is so painful that the baby animal makes several attempts to escape its attackers, causing one of its horns to fall off during the ordeal.

It is unclear where the video was shot or whether the so-called men will face further action.

Sadly, the video is just the latest in a long line of disgusting shows of animal rights abuse in Egypt. In March, three men were sentenced to between one and three months in prison after they appealed their initial three-year sentence. The four defendants are accused of torturing and killing Max the dog after the sickening acts were captured on video  in late February.

According to article 357 in the Penal Code, a person responsible for the death of animal with no “just” cause could face up to six months in prison or a 200 LE ($US 25) fine.