Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Heineken #OpenYourCity Party

As their special edition #OpenYourCity bottles come to a end, Heineken closes their epic campaign with a massive party next week. Find out more...

Staff Writer

Over the past few months Heineken swept Cairo up in a whirlwind of discovery, games, and all-around good times. From transforming their signature bottles, to taking over some of the city’s bars with their fun trivia tests and oodles of prizes, to whisking some of Cairo’s movers and shakers on an unforgettable trip to Luxor to explore and enjoy the stunning spot – with the help of some beer of course – Heineken’s #OpenYourCity campaign killed it. But all good things must come to an end, and with that, the beer gurus are ending their explorative journey, but not without a wild send off. 

To bid adieu, the connoisseurs of ice cold beers are throwing a big shebang on the 26th of February. In typical Heineken fashion, this will be no simple soiree. The Heineken crew are going all out with a big bash at the Omar Khayyam boat in Zamalek that’ll take you on a little trip around the world. Not literally, but they’re decking out the place reflective of their #OpenYourCity bottles; one corner will feature the wild carnival vibe of Rio, one will reflect Shanghai’s shenanigans, one will do old school London, and finally, of course, one will be dedicated to the golden glory that is Egypt’s Pharoanic feel. It’s kind of like your high school International Day – but with beer. So like, way better.

Making you move on that night, they’ve tapped a variety of divergent artists, ensuring every side of the musical spectrum is covered. On the decks will be Danish spinner DJ Ashibah, plying the crowd with her Deep and Tech House tunes, as well as DJ Feedo and his signature Hip-Hop beats. They’ll be joined by a vocalist from Rio, as well as some erratic Arabic table beats bound to get hips shaking. The party is invite-only so, well, you know how it goes…