Saturday September 30th, 2023
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Hekayat Gedo Saadan is the Show Your Little Ones Need to Learn About Staying Safe from COVID-19

The children's show is the latest programme launched by the Ministry of Culture.

Staff Writer

Hekayat Gedo Saadan is the new children's show meant to educate little ones on how they can keep themselves safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Okay, maybe it's not as gangster as Boogi W Tamtam, but it's the kind of content we need right now.

This new show is a part of the ongoing “Khaleik Fl Beit…El Thaqafa Beni Edeik” initiative launched by the Ministry of Culture since the nation's response to the pandemic began. Although the ministry’s been consistently making existing arts and culture resources available to Egyptians online, this is the first programme to be made especially for the pandemic.

The show will be written by Tamer Saadan, a popular children's writer, and the programme will be available on the ministry’s YouTube channel where they also post many previous concerts and plays from the Cairo Opera House. The collection of stories will be curated for children from early stages of childhood up to six years old. If you want to keep your little ones engaged in something useful, tune into this latest edutainment initiative.