Thursday September 28th, 2023
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Help the Children of Gaza Go to Summer Camp

Acclaimed Egyptian author Anis Mansour has launched his second crowdfunding campaign, aiming to raise money to send Gazan kids to an educational summer camp.

Staff Writer

The late Anis Mansour was an acclaimed Egyptian journalist and author, who was known for writing more than 170 books, which have been translated into many languages. Mansour is a household name in any reading Egyptian household with his most recent works including writing political and culture pieces for various Egyptian newspapers. A recent project to honor his name was an initiative that sends Gazan school children to summer camp, through public funding using the crowdsourcing website, GoFund Me. 

Wanting to see the children of Gaza happy, through implementing an after school summer camp for 60 school kids, the initiative was able to originally raise 2816 LE for their project. Now after the successful first round, the one-month camp is trying to extend and expand have six tracks they're focusing on for the children: Folklore Dabke, Art, Literature, Theatre, Choral Dance, and Poetry. And due to high demand, they have also decided to change the donating method to US dollars, and adding 30 more kids to the camp.

While it could take forever to list the negative effects of the siege's effect on these children, this initiative really put a smile on our face, and we are encouraging you to go ahead and put a smile on their faces too. Join the Hope & Peace Foundation for Children organization's Facebook page here. Or visit the GoFund Me page here and donate.