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Here's How You Can Take Part in Juhayna and Green Pan's Latest Recycling Initiative

This is, pretty much, what all recycling dreams are made of.

Here's How You Can Take Part in Juhayna and Green Pan's Latest Recycling Initiative

Cooking oil is used for frying, preserving food and seasoning. Once it has been used, it’s no longer fit for purpose or human consumption.

To fight against the used cooking oil phenomenon, Juhayna joined forces with recycling giants, Tagadod, to help, well, recycle the used cooking oil and transform it into biofuel. But before we delve deep into this beautiful alliance and what they've accomplished, let us take you on a quick journey on how it all began.

Tagaddod, a company that offers unique solutions through turning conventional waste into unconventional solutions, has decided to bring their environmentally-friendly initiative, Green Pan, into the fold to team up with Juhayna. Why, you ask? Because Juhayna has placed the environment at the top of their priorities.

To put it simply, Green Pan has collected used cooking oil from Egyptian households to be recycled and used to manufacture biofuel as an alternative to diesel during the entire month of Ramadan. Juhayna, on the other hand, exchanged their signature Happy Kitchen Tomato Puree with everyone who contacted Green Pan via the hotline 19481 to recycle their liters of used cooking oil. For every home that provided them with five liters, they got two cartons of Juhayna's iconic goodies, and four cartons in exchange for 10 liters. 

By the end of the holy month, they've managed to reach 3,200 Egyptian homes, distribute 5,160 of Juhayna's packs, and collect around 15,000 kilograms of used cooking oil. We can't wait to see what Green Pan and Juhayna have planned for the future.

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