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Here's Your Chance to Dive Over the Pyramids with Jump Like a Pharaoh

Between November 6th and November 7th, first-time skydivers will have the chance to take the plunge straight through the skies of Giza over the Great Pyramids themselves.

You may have seen the Pyramids from almost every possible angle, but have you ever gotten a bird’s eye view while falling through the sky while the rush of the wind intermingles with the rush of adrenaline through your veins?

‘Jump Like a Pharaoh’ is an annual skydiving event by SkyDive Egypt in collaboration with the Egyptian Parachuting & Airsports Federation that invites skydivers to take the plunge over the Great Pyramids of Giza. Between October 31st and November 5th, daredevils and adventurers will get to jump straight out of a M17 Helicopter towards one of the most epic bird’s eye views you could ever imagine.

Although the main event is all sold out, first-time skydivers still have the chance to dip their toes through the clouds over Giza through Jump Like a Pharaoh’s Tandem Skydiving event, taking place between November 6th and November 7th. This activity is available exclusively to Egyptian citizens, and can be booked for EGP 7,000 through