Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Hijab-enforcing UK School Shut

An Islamic school which forced non-Muslim teachers to wear Hijab has abruptly shut after garnering nationwide criticism.

Staff Writer

Al-Madinah Islamic School in Derby, England, has abruptly shut, just hours into a two-day inspection by Ofsted, the regulatory body for education and schools in the UK. This comes after the school had come under fire after a teacher quit, claiming that she had been forced by the administration to wear the Hijab during school hours. The teacher also said that classes were segregated, and that girls were sat at the back of classrooms, according to the Guardian. While Ofsted has refused to comment at this moment, and the Al-Madinah Islamic School's website states they have closed the doors due to "a health and safety issue," the British press have put two and two together to come to the conclusion that it has indeed been shut for its imposition of values on the staff and pupils.