Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Hold On to Your Paintbrushes Because Uptown Cairo Is Getting Two Days Of Nonstop Art

Egypt's growing art scene is about to get the acknowledgement it deserves.

Staff Writer

Hold On to Your Paintbrushes Because Uptown Cairo Is Getting Two Days Of Nonstop Art

The Cairo art scene has recently been hustling and bustling much like its counterparts in fashion and music, with new initiatives popping up all over the city. We’ve witnessed the growth of new arts and culture movements like underground trap music, graffiti plastered on Cairo’s downtown streets, and one behemoth mural spanning (literally) across a handful of buildings in Zabaleen. The list continues to grow every day, and Uptown Cairo is about to slap their tag all over it.

The latest addition and ode to that creative growth is Uptown Cairo’s Art Town event that is hosting more than 60 of Egypt’s finest artists in the same venue. That hefty selection includes both visual artists as well as jewellery designers, making for an assortment of masterpieces fit to fill your heart with a plethora of creative expression. The art curation for the event is done by Safarkhan Art Gallery and Arteology, while jewellery curation is the work of Ajour Consultancy.

For two days, an inspiring line-up of exclusive art talks and exhibitions will be hosted by international speakers, such as Mrs. Sherwet Shafei and Mrs. Janet Rady. These talks, accompanied by live entertainment, will make for a nonstop artistic effusion.

The event will be held starting on Friday the 17th of January from 3 pm to 9 pm, and the following day from 10 am to 9 pm. Mark your calendars, because the local arts and culture scene is set to experience quite the rumble.