Wednesday May 31st, 2023
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Holy Quran Theme Park

Dubai's Holy Quran Theme Park may be in need of divine intervention following delays but developers are confident the project will be a success.

Staff Writer

Dubai's first Islamic theme park is in need of divine intervention as developers have now shelved the project until at least 2015. The Holy Quran Theme park is facing delays despite earlier promises to open the attraction by September of this year. However, developers claim that the world can't wait for the $7million Islamic paradise.
Dubai Municipality director general Hussain Nasser Lootah said: "Holy Quran Park is one of the prestigious projects of the civic body and not only the UAE, but also the entire tourist world is waiting to visit the park without patience."

Here at CairoScene we can't help but wonder the reasons behind the delays of the park, which is designed to show-off the miracles of the text to boys and girls of all ages. Details on the exact attractions are sketchy at the moment with some talk of the various plants mentioned in the Quran being used on site. The park has raised many questions including whether music will be allowed on site despite a ban by strict Islamists and what in Allah's name are they going to do for mascots given the haram-ness of idolatry. Meanwhile, others have questioned whether non-Muslims will be allowed to visit.

Construction on the site has kicked off ahead of the next year's revised launch date and frankly, we can't wait for our press invite. We shall begind holding our breath right