Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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The One Stop Shop for Home Improvement and Lifestyle Solutions in Egypt You didn’t Know About

Ever wanted to build your own home theatre?

Staff Writer

Have you ever, on one of your creative whims, decided to turn that annoying bland wall in your room into something more artsy? You know; to add more character to your room? Or how sometimes you just want to roll up your sleeves and be more useful to the family, by perhaps attaching a piece of furniture together, or successfully recreating that book holder made out of your old jeans, as instructed by that awesome DIY video on Facebook?

Well Homeworks, Al-Futtaim’s home improvement and lifestyle brand, is here to save your ego and teach you tricks of the trade. Having opened in June 2017 at Cairo Festival City, this hidden gem is the light at the end of the DIY tunnel.

They offer a huge range of products across numerous categories such home living, outdoor Living, gardening, home Improvement and automotive, security and more.Homeworks is the gateway to realizing our carpenter, electrician, and craftsman skills. That’s because they not only offer creative home solutions, but also offer DIY workshops that teach everything from how to paint a wall, to how to drill into said painted wall. And all the classes are for free and are led by professionals.

They even offer a variety of spray paints to completely transform a living space. Having a creative inspiration, and attempting to change the whole interior of a room, is no easy feat. And when you want to get yourself a blackboard wall to add some pizzazz to your room, it's a hassle to do yourself, and expensive if you decide to hire a professional. Well, the spray paint sold at Homeworks can turn your wall into, wait for it, a magnetic wall, or into a blackboard.  

And if you've ever aspired to grow your own lettuce, tomatoes or any kind of vegetable for that matter, Homeworks got you covered. They have a variety of seeds and quality fertilizers, with which to grow said garden. Herb harvesting anyone? With an affinity to hosting workshops, this is one home improvement store, that encourages its clients in all things DIY. You can also join in one of their workshops, that’ll have you painting walls with professionals like Jotun. And that's just one of their many workshops, helping you unleash, your most productive self. 

Homeworks is the ray of hope at the end of an arduous journey, for all the lifestyle and home design enthusiasts of Egypt. And for the lazy ones, you get to have all home improvement requirements, tools and gadget, under one roof. Their product experts and store associates are on-hand to help the clueless among you to find what they’re looking for.This haven of home improvement also takes into account that kids, while a godsend most of the time, do cause a distraction when shopping. And that’s why they’ve provided families with a dedicated kid’s area.

Essentially, Homeworks not only makes shopping for your home improvement and design needs easy – but it can actually make you and yours self-sufficient, creative and just generally handier.

Check them out on the video below.

Check them out their Facebook and their Instagram.  

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