Thursday June 1st, 2023
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Hurghada Opens New Victory Walk for Picnics

The Victory Walk is set to be a hotspot for picnic goers.

Cairo Scene

Hurghada is opening a new lifestyle destination, El Nasr Walk, which is set to be a gathering spot for picnickers - just in time for spring! Located by El Nasr Street, right around the centre of the city, the walkway and park is one of three picnic spots in the city.

Hurghada is home to a large number of different promenades, including Sherry Wall as well as the main Hurghada Corniche. El Nasr Walk was first established at the end of 2019, and includes wooden benches and umbrellas as well as a number of different shops and a large theatre. Sherry Walk is also one of the most important promenade areas in Hurghada, as it is home to an array of tourist bazaars, fountains, and eateries.