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ICESCO Wants to Give $200K to Whoever Can Cure COVID-19

Be it a vaccine or a cure, if the saviour of this virus is among us, he would do well to submit his application to ICESCO.


The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, has announced that the Islamic World Organization (ICESCO) has launched a prize campaign aimed at discovering a treatment or vaccine for the Coronavirus. Whoever is able to defeat the novel virus will be awarded a $200,000 prize. Whether or not some medical prodigy would be primarily motivated to win this competition as opposed to saving humanity, well - as long as they end the pandemic, we won't complain.

The money prize will be awarded to the winner, which can be an individual, research group, or an institution. Submissions must be sent to ICESCO directly, along with the application form which can be downloaded at

Before you submit your Corona antidote, you need to make sure that your CV is attached (wouldn’t it be nice to add “Cured Corona” on there?) and that you’ve gotten the stamp of approval from legal authorities, along with some other papers you can find on their website. The jury that will be assessing your breakthrough will consist of the Director General at ICESCO, two representatives from international organizations, and four scientists from universities and research centres in Egypt. Good luck to all the hidden geniuses out there.

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