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ISIS Uses GTA As Recruiting Tool

The Islamic State have tapped into an unlikely resource in the battle for hearts and minds.

In a rather confusing move, ISIS have announced that they are going to be releasing a video game with the purpose of “[training] children and youth how to battle the West and to strike terror into the hearts of those who oppose the Islamic State."

The announcement was released, packaged with an apparent trailer, which appears to have been filmed in an unmodified version of the super popular Scottish developed game, Grand Theft Auto V. Last year, GTA V became the fastest selling entertainment product in history, reaching $ 1 billion in revenue in three days, so it seems natural that ISIS, a group that has become known for trying to attract younger people, would attempt to take advantage of such a powerful media tool.

You have to ask though, how culturally unaware are ISIS? The Grand Theft Auto series of games are known for being unapologetically violent and explicit parodies of American culture, so ISIS must have just missed all that in the creation of the trailer, right?