Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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In Memoriam: Nour El-Sherif

The iconic TV and film star has passed away today, aged 69 after a long struggle with a serious illness.

Staff Writer

Today Egypt mourns the death of another screen legend, Nour El-Sherif. One of the most recognisable faces in the Arab region, he had mass appeal having appeared in everything from comedy TV series to hard-hitting blockbusters. Perhaps best known for his lead role in 2001 TV drama El Hag Metwally, a cult phenomenon of a Ramadan mosalsal, the actor has in fact been in the industry since 1967 with over 60 titles under his belt. Leaving behind two daughters, Sara and May, the celebrated and award-winning actor will perhaps be most remembered for his on-screen and real life romance with his ex-wife and fellow iconic actress Poussi, as well as his painfully truthful interpretations of roles working with legendary director Youssef Chahine. Reports over the last few months had suggested that El-Sherif was suffering with lung and circulatory problems, and though he was involved in some controversy in his last few years, Arab cinema lovers from all over the world will surely feel saddened by the news. Here we round up some of his most memorable roles.


Betaw2eet El Qahera (Cairo Time) 

Habibi Da2eman

Dam El Ghazal

3omaret Yacoubian (The Yacoubian Building)

El Massir

Darbet Shams

El Za2lab

Gary El Wo7oosh

El 3ar

Lan A3esh Fe Gelbab Abi (series)


3a2elet El 7ag Metwally (series)


El 3asheqan