Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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InShape Clinic to Open First All-Inclusive Medical Spa In Egypt

Whatever happened to taking an impromptu day off work, and indulging in some much needed TLC?

Staff Writer

Let’s just all agree on something right now – living in Egypt ain’t easy. The noise, the pollution and just the overall unrelenting stream of stress take a toll physically, mentally and often times emotionally. While it isn’t necessarily ingrained in Egyptian culture, it’s important to take time to look after yourself – something that InShape Clinic has always looked to promote. Now, however, they’ve taken things one step further by opening Egypt’s first medical spa at First Mall, InShape Lounge.

Having opened ten years ago under the leadership of renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Hani Nabil, InShape quickly earned its spot as one of the best one-stop shops for beauty care and services; but with the medical spa being a whole other monster, the opening is great news for those of looking for a little nip-tuck, followed by a full body massage, and perhaps a quick rendezvous with the resident nutritionist to find out what’s been making you feel so bloated. Essentially, you can cater to all your beauty and relaxation needs in one spot – which gives us enough time to pass by TBS and obsessively load up on baked goods before heading home. No? Ok fine. Let’s continue.

With just the right mix of leisure and medical, InShape lounge is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and technology, the lounge is run by medical professionals ready to put you on a healthier path. Said professionals go the whole nine yards, giving clients full assessments, followed by a detailed and tailored program.

They provide an extensive range of aesthetic services including cosmetic procedures, skincare, laser treatments, nutrition plans and spa services. Did we mention, Thai massages, Swedish massages and Moroccan baths? How about a hot stone massage? Yes, mam. Staying true to its motto – to glow on the outside is to glow on the inside - InShape covers all areas to make you not only look young, but to also feel it.  

Guaranteeing comfort on all levels, you’ll walk into InShape Lounge one person (crazy cat lady with a bird’s nest on her head) and walk out a completely new person (beautiful Amzaonian princess float-walking to her carriage).

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