Monday June 5th, 2023
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Inertia's New Campaign Videos Get to the Bottom of What Makes Life Worthwhile

It's pretty emotional stuff!

Staff Writer

We all live life differently, and it's this diversity of life that makes the world such a fascinating place. But although we all look, feel, and behave differently, deep down, we all long for the same things: love, comfort, and security - it's what makes us human.

Often, it's the small things in life that help us realise our needs, but more-often-than-not these things tend to get lost in the excitement, intensity, and chaos of the modern world. This is something that Inertia understands, and the Real Estate company's series of emotional videos for its new Corporate Campaign manages to showcase, in brilliant simplicity, what makes our lives worthwhile. And whether that is surfing the highest wave or sharing a moment with family, Inertia reminds us that this can be achieved if we just pause, take a step back, and remember to live.

As the creators of El Gouna's hugely successful and highly desirable G Cribs, Inertia has been taking the Real Estate game by storm. Its convenient, sophisticated, ultra-modern designs are a far cry from the visual stress and smoke of the city - and the perfect places, we think, in which to refocus our attention on the small things in life.To find out more about Intertia's campaign and to see some of their beautiful designs, check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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