Thursday March 30th, 2023
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The UK's Biggest Gaming Festival Is Coming to Cairo This Weekend

Giving away more than EGP 500K in prizes.

Staff Writer

For three days starting Thursday, Insomnia Egypt, an offshoot of the UK's biggest gaming festivals' organisers Insomnia UK, is hosting its first ever gaming event in Egypt, bringing together gaming addicts from all across the nation for a long-weekend gaming extraordinaire. Slice and Dice, the official organiser of the festival, is giving Egyptian gamers chances to try out games that aren't available for purchase in Egypt, like Black Ops 4, and also host gaming competitions that have otherwise been mostly organised on a smaller scale in Egypt.  

The cool thing about it, however, is that you don't have to be a notorious gamer to check it out. There're also a Kids Gaming Area, and some famous YouTubers from the UK and Egypt will be present in the festivities, the likes of Hisham Afify, and Jack Taylor. 

The gaming competitions and championships will be giving away a sum that totals more than EGP 500K in awards, not to mention brand new PS and Xbox games that are also up for grabs. For the nostalgic bunch, there's a whole Retro Games corner.

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