Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Instapay Launches Instant QR Code Money Transfers

The new feature comes in the latest app update, which also introduces a similar link feature for at-distance transfers.

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Instapay Launches Instant QR Code Money Transfers

The Central Bank of Egypt’s online payment platform Instapay has launched instant QR code money transfers in the application’s latest update, further streamlining online payments in the country. Using the new QR code feature, would-be recipients can share their QR code with a prospective sender, who can scan the code with the app, enter an amount and send it instantly.

As part of the same update, Instapay also launched a payment link feature, which provides similar benefits but is better suited to transactions not made in-person. Senders share a link with a recipient, who then enters the amount they want to receive. The money will be instantly transferred to their account.