Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Introducing TIBA-1: Egypt's First Telecommunications Satellite

The satellite is expected to bring internet access across rural Egypt!

Staff Writer

Officials have announced the launch of Egypt’s first telecommunications satellite, which will take place on Friday. The satellite has been named TIBA-1, and should improve internet and telecom services throughout the country. The satellite has been developed by Airbus and French Thales Alenia Space (TAS). It is the first of numerous TIBA-Sat satellite projects which have been planned by Egypt.

Egyptians should expect a major improvement in internet and telecom services all over Egypt as a result of TIBA-1, and it will ensure that residents of rural and remote areas will have internet access. The satellite is set to orbit for over 15 years.

According to Ahram Online, head of the Egyptian Space Agency Mohamed El-Qosy stated: “There will be no such thing as ‘system is down.’ Once the [land communications] system breaks down, there will be a second network to replace it. This means guaranteeing a strong, secure communications network at all times.”

Ahram Online stated that the Cabinet expects to see major improvements in all government sectors, on account of TIBA-1.

El-Qosy also commented on the potential of the satellite to help advance educational and medical development. He also stated that it will provide better telecom networks to service the social insurance system. We are excited about this very promising technological advancement and believe it will have a majorly positive impact on Egypt’s development.