Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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Is Netflix Coming to the Middle East?

The world’s foremost trending online streaming service is landing in the Arab world, with plans to bring their subscription-based programmes by 2016.

Staff Writer

Is Netflix Coming to the Middle East?

Netflix, the world’s top trending online streaming service, is coming to the Middle East soon. Earlier last month, the company had posted a Job announcement looking for a Social Media Manager to lead social marketing and communications for the brand in the Middle East, suggesting the firm’s plan to expand into the Arab world. "We plan to complete our global expansion by the end of 2016. Of course the Middle East is part of that," Netflix's Joris Evers confirmed to IGN.

With over 60 million subscribers across 50 countries, the online streaming site is expanding into other regions, aiming to dominate the market, as media consumers are rapidly shifting from the more traditional TV and radio, to Internet. The site gives Internet-connected devices access to an enormous library of online content, allowing subscribers to watch series and films from a PC or game console, such as Wii, Playstation, or Xbox 360.

The Middle East, where there are currently limited streaming services such as Iciflix and Starz Play, represents considerable market for Netflix, if the firm taps into the way content is consumed in the region as it has previously done in the US and UK.

The company, which is the biggest source of North American downstream web-traffic, also announced they will also be operating in India by 2016.