Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Is Your Dog This Year's #CSTopDog2015?

Think your dog has what it takes to break the internet? We've teamed up with Boutique Paws to crown this year's Top Dog. Find out how to enter and the awesome prizes here...

Staff Writer

Life in Egypt can be ruff for just about any dog, however more and more Egyptians are starting to realise that there is no better companion in life than Man's Best Friend. With a variety of breeds available and untold thousands in need of rescue, we decided to bring back our favourite competition #CSTopDog2015

Many of us in the CairoScene office have a dog enriching their lives, if not multiple fluffy friends. We seemingly can’t get enough canine companionship. Understanding that it would be unfair to enter our own dogs in a competition we judge we have decided to leave the judging to one of our favourite pet boutiques, Zamalek’s Boutique Paws. Not only will they graciously pick CairoScene’s 2015 Top Dog, but they will also be generously giving the winner prize pack including: an LED collar, a custom-engraved tag, a doggy t-shirt and Pet Head shampoo.

If you think your doggy has what it takes to break the internet, or at least win our Top Dog 2015 competition, Instagram a photo of your loyal friend using the hashtag #CSTopDog2015, and tagging or mentioning both @Cairoscene and@boutiquepaws. Learning from our Top Cat competition we know that all you animal lovers can't restrict yourself to posting just one photo, so feel free to put as many as you like. Please include the dog’s name and an amazing caption to increase your chance of winning. The competition officially starts today, October 16th and will run for a two weeks. We will announce the #CSTopDog2015 winner on October 20th, so that's when the winner will know they can begin bragging as well as where and when they can pick up their awesome prizes. With today being a national holiday we figure its the best time to go with you and your pooch for an all-day photoshoot so get out there and start snapping and tagging!

To see last years winner and honourable mentions click here. To learn more about Boutique Paws click here.