Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Is a Disney Theme Park Really Coming to Egypt?

Egypt's Investment Minister made a statement at the opening night of Disney's live Mickey's Magic Show at the Cairo International Convention Centre last night.

Staff Writer

Disney is considering building a theme park in Egypt, its first in the Middle East, state-run news agency MENA reported yesterday.

"There are discussions going on between Disney International to build in Egypt its first Disney Park in the Middle East, similar to Disney France," Ashraf Salman, Egypt's Investment Minister, said on Tuesday. Salman's statement was made during the inauguration of a live Disney show which is running until 22nd November. "Having a Disney show in Egypt at the moment sends a message to the world and to foreign investors that Egypt is safe and stable," continued Salman.

As it stands, the Walt Disney Company have not confirmed any discussion with Egypt on the matter. If, and we mean a IF, Disney were to build a theme park in Egypt it would make it the first in the Middle East, however we aren’t holding our breath.