Sunday December 10th, 2023
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It Was All a Dream!

Remember all the millions of people who hit the streets yesterday? Yeah, turns out we imagined it, according to the Muslim Brotherhood...

Staff Writer

Yesterday, more millions people took to the Egyptian streets in what was reported as the biggest gathering of people for a political event of all time.

This morning, I was deeply saddened to find out it never even happened.

Yep, that surge of rapture by millions of people, from every background, faith, creed and colour, all chanting and marching in one direction for one cause; that trust you regained in society, that hope for a better Egypt. All of that. Yeah, turns out it never happened. It was just a guy with a microphone playing recordings of a protest on a downtown street according to Reda Abdel-Wodoud, reporter for the FJP.

I woke up to find this article entitled: “Imaginary protests in Downtown Cairo and the streets of Giza” (translated from the original Arabic version here), and felt really quite stupid. I can’t believe I wasted my whole day on hallucinogenics. What a trip.

Reda Abdel-Wodoud continues to say a number of citizens sitting in coffee shops got annoyed by the noise from this microphone. Now, what’s that saying about monkeys and typewriters? This has got to be the most creative ‘twist’ of the truth I’ve seen in the media but it’s not much better than the international news channels from Al Jazeera to Sky News who choose to squeeze in a segment claiming ‘hundreds’ were on the street in Cairo, in between the latest celebrity gossip and a politician with a wandering pee pee. This is as much a battle against the Muslim Brotherhood as it is against the media with ulterior motives and the hundreds of thousands of images that circled the world yesterday from people on the ground are our ammunition. We are here, we do exist, and we don’t mind a bit of noise at our cafes.

I did a Google search for Reda Abdel-Wodoud after reading the article. Turns out he’s imaginary too.