Friday February 23rd, 2024
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It’s Official: Orange Egypt is the Fastest Network in the Country

And the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has the test results to prove it.

Staff Writer

With Egypt’s average internet speed ranked a lowly 100 out of 177 countries tested, the internet can be an infuriating place for many an Egyptian. According to its very first QOS (quality of service) report, however, Egypt’s National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has revealed the answer to your slow internet woes.

Integrated telecommunications services giant, Orange Egypt, has come out on top as the fastest service provider, when measuring data download/upload speed and consistency. The tests were conducted last July across a mammoth 23,000 km of populated areas in Egypt, covering 110 separate areas across 80 districts, with over 2.7 million data transfer tests setting Orange Egypt well ahead of the rest. The NTRA’s tests are of the highest global standard, as it works with German company, Rohde & Schwarz – and industry leader in service quality management.

While the results of the report make for very interesting reading, they will come as no surprise to Orange Egypt themselves. Backed by years expertise in a range of markets across the world, Orange Egypt has been actively working to develop and enhance quality and efficiency in Egypt, while investing huge amounts of money into advancing in its technological infrastructure.

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