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JK Chocolates…They Ain’t Kiddin

Chocolate or sex? That is the long-running question of our existence. Actually, it’s not because we’d choose chocolate.

Chocolate is sex. Come to think of it, we think it belongs right up there next to heroin and some other fine Class A drugs. In conclusion, we have decided that chocolate trumps both sex and drugs. So you can imagine our delight when we discovered JK Chocolates, a baby business that just opened in Cairo that revolves around creating gorgeous handmade pieces of heaven (i.e. chocolate). And the JK part of their name isn’t short for ‘Just Kidding’, as we thought there for a moment; it stands for Julie and Kamal, the two, in our humble opinion, geniuses that created the business. Their aim was to create a “luxurious, unique, high quality product” and they did just that.

They make all their delicious inventions right here in Cairo but using only Belgian chocolate, so you know it’s the good stuff. Their creative chocolate-y creations range from caramel and pecan to cranberry and walnut. They’ve even got (chocolate fiends that we are, we did our research) one titled ‘Chocolate Chip Surprise’. It has a chocolate chip cookie dough center. Coated in milk chocolate. Topped in dark chocolate. Decorated with a slight drizzle of white chocolate. We feel weak at the knees just thinking about. We have butterflies in our stomachs and tingling in our… Aaanyway, you can order all these delicious concoctions and more but they request that you give them two days notice because they’re made fresh. They’re made fresh!!

Chocolate Chip Surprise

After scrolling through their Facebook page we lapsed into a momentary reverie. This is pretty much our ultimate fantasy; Johnny Depp feeding us chocolates, Chocolat-style, while we lay on a lounge chair. That is of course, until we become morbidly obese from all the chocolate and Johnny Depp ditches us to go find someone thinner to feed chocolate to. At which point we would console ourselves by ordering more JK Chocolates.

Anyway, if you like chocolate (which of course you do because if you don’t then you have some kind of illness and we suggest you go get that checked out immediately) we recommend that you order from JK Chocolates because after only a few months open they’re already getting rave review and their packaging is damn pretty too.

Find out more about JK Chocolates and place your order now on their Facebook page here