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Jam with Jazz Legend Rashad Fahim

Cairo Jazz Club's Jazz Sundays get a twist throughout all of February as the legendary Rashad Fahim kicks off each night with a Jazz Jam, inviting local musicians up on stage with him.

While many consider Ahmed Harfoush the voice of jazz in Egypt, Rashad Fahim is definitely the soul. He has taught many generations of jazz musicians, from newbies to professionals who have made it big, and still continues to do so. And now it’s your chance to make it big and share the stage with the living legend, as our favourite watering hole, Cairo Jazz Club, brings Fahim on February 1st for Jazz Jam;  the opening act for each one of their Jazz Sundays this month. Ever the nurturers of local talent, with this new addition Cairo Jazz Club aims at giving young and old musicians alike more stage experience and allowing them to sharpen their skills by jamming with experienced musicians and transform them from a Jazz Baby to a fully-grown Jazz Man.

Even though it’s Jazz Sunday, that doesn’t mean that if you’re more of a Rocker, an Indie Popster or a Reggae ‘mon you won’t get a chance to jam.  Musicians from all walks of life are welcome to try their hand, guided by Fahim, for a fusion of classic jazz sounds and new local waves. Meanwhile, those who are there simply to enjoy the musical genius that’s bound to evolve from the Jazz Jam will also get an added treat – the all new Happy Sunday menu, otherwise known as HAPPY HOUR ALL NIGHT. Check out the awesome offers: