Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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James Bond Gets a Windfall

Here at MO4 CairoScene we love us a bit of product placement. Give us money, we’ll give you our souls and throw in a blog for free. See here and here.

Staff Writer

BUT we are not the coolest male icon to ever walk this earth, now are we? Heineken has officially become the go-to drink for special agents everywhere, plying Mr. Bond with the refreshing beer as a part of a cool $28 million worth of product placement in Skyfall.

We’re used to James Bond frolicking about in the latest super speed monstrosity from Aston Martin or BMW because it adds to the plot. The suave super spy is of course supposed to have the slickest sports car on the market, but to change his classic shaken not stirred Martini into an ice-cold Heineken is an incredible coup for the alcohol giants. Because clearly this can’t just have been about the money. Somewhere out there is the most convincing PR person in the world and he/she is working for Heineken. Can you even begin to imagine how that meeting went down? “A Martini isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A HEINEKEN.”

Now we can all be James Bond. Because you can walk into Bar’Do or Amici and ask for a Heineken without getting beat up or sounding gay. But ask for anything shaken not stirred and you’re likely to get a smack.  After killing baddies, and screwing hot women, James Bond now goes back home, cracks open a beer, sits on his lazy boy, and falls asleep watching 90210. Just like us.

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(NB: This CairoScene post is sponsored by Heineken.)